May 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random things about Twisted Cinderella
  1. Little Princess has started talking to the baby. It is very cute when she insists on feeding me so that she can feed the baby.
  2. I had to have "the discussion" about boy and girl boy parts today because apparently her and the neighbour boy were discussing boy parts and she was under the mistaken opinion that she had the same thing. It was a very funny conversation.
  3. I think I am having a slight reaction to my Amoxill for the strep. I have a rash developing over the last couple of days.
  4. I went to see my doctor yesterday. It was very reassuring to get it straight from the doctor that I haven't been fooling myself I am indeed pregnant. It is funny but I am a week late, I am exhausted all the time, I am having nausea but it wasn't real until the doctor told me it was true.
  5. You should have seen how silly and giddy I was when she said that. She was going on and on about all sorts of pregnancy things and a part of my brain was just singing, "I'm Pregnant! I'm Pregnant! I'm Pregnant! "
  6. I have the best neighbour whose daughter is 3 months old. She and I are going to schedule our appointments at the same time as much as we can so that we can travel back and forth to the doctor together.
  7. I am so lucky to have her there. She just went through this and this is the first time in six years, I have found out I was pregnant. Her support is awesome, just having her to share it with is wonderful.
  8. I can't figure out what the heck is going on with my daughters daycare. They may or may not remain open. UGH, all I want is staight answers.
  9. It is a beautiful sunny day today. I LOVE beautiful sunny days. They make me happy. I am so glad that spring has finally arrived in our part of the world.
  10. I am managing to keep on top of my housework for the most part, despite the fact that for the most part I feel like being a lazy, sleeping bump on the log. LOL, I just keep telling myself that this is going to be a long pregnancy if I don't take care of my house.
  11. I am a little obsessed with this right now. I apologize for that but this is HUGE in my world. This is the answering of a dream I have had for so long, I want to shout it at the rooftops and tell everyone I meet.
  12. I love that I have a digital camera this time. This is going to be the most photographed baby in the history of babies.
  13. I am so excited to be giving Little Princess the chance to be a big sister. I love that her birthday is the same month that the baby is due. They will be almost exactly 6 years apart. Isn't that sweet?

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    Joan said...

    Good for you! Staying on top of laundry and housework is hard even when there are not little ones around to keep messing up.

    My TT is also posted.

    Your Mother said...

    I haven't been here for a month of sundays so I didn't know! Congrats on the new baby!

    Anonymous said...

    hey there,
    the daycare is remaining open.


    Cinnamon Girl said...

    Happy TT =)

    Jenny McB said...

    Hope all goes well, can you take naps?

    pussreboots said...

    Congratulations. I just had my second last year. I'm bookended by my kids now. My son has his birthday, then I have mine and now there's my daughter.

    DK said...

    I haven't been able to make the TT rounds in a couple of months, so Congratulations! What huge and exciting news for your family! Keep us posted and DON't overdue it!
    Happy TTing,
    A Flyover Blog

    L^2 said...

    Congratulations and good luck!

    Barbara said...

    Congratulations! My 'BABY' (first child-son) turned 39 today and we took him and his family out to dinner. OH, that makes me OLD! :)

    My TT is up.

    YellowRose said...

    Congratulations on your good news!! Be sure to take care of yourself, take naps when you can and let everyone pamper deserve it!!

    Happy TT!

    JHS said...

    Congrats again! My nephews have the same birthday 6 years apart. It is a pain and a blessing . . . better as they get older. When they were little it was impossible to have joint parties because they had different interests.

    Anonymous said...

    Congrats on the upcoming baby. I'm sure this will help make Mother's day extra special this year.

    Melli said...

    I don't think that you should feel any OTHER way than that this new baby is something to BE obsessed with! That is the way it should be! Your family is sO blessed to have this little one coming!

    My Shoes said...

    I remember when I had to deal with #2. that was scary...for me!

    Cory said...

    Don't apologize! Being pregnant is a HUGE thing, and it's important to enjoy it.

    It's actually kinda funny, but a few days before you told us, I was actually wondering if you had thought of having a second child. Kinda interesting, huh?

    Anonymous said...

    Ah, the boy/girl parts discussion... always a crowd pleasesr!! :)

    I love how excited you are about your pregnancy and giving your daughter the chance to be a big sis - it's so heartwarming!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

    Stephanie said...

    Congrats on the new baby! Nice list!