May 28, 2007

Eight Weeks and Scared

first I would like to share my eight week belly pic.

Here is my pic at 5 weeks 4 days and my pic from 8 weeks:
Five Weeks 4 days Eigth Weeks
On another note, I am scared. I was spotting yesterday and I ended up in emergency last night until 3 in the morning. They sent me home and scheduled a vaginal ultrasound for today at the fetal assessment unit to check on my baby. I am so scared. Hang on there Little One!


Anonymous said...

Everything will be ok. The croud in the fetal assessment are very nice, I was there every week on big boy and on little man. Don't worry. Oh you might get ultra-sound pics to, they always gave me pics.

Nancy said...

Think good thoughts, don't worry.
Just relax and try to enjoy the day.

PS you have been tagged =)

Anonymous said...

I spotted my whole pregnancy. And yes, she was early, but she was okay. So try to stay as positive as you can. I'll be thinking about you. *hugs*

Margaret said...

I spotted for the first four months, almost as if I was having a period.

Congratulations, this is the first I've heard. =O)

Notsosnowwhite said...

I hopr u are doing ok.... call me if you need me.