Jun 21, 2014


I am getting sooo much done in preparation for this move.  Between Prince Charming and I, I am pretty amazed and proud of us.  We have the truck, the driver, movers to unload, electricity and cable lined up, phone service arranged and I can't even think of what else.

With regards to moving, I am doing things differently this time, I am starting with those boxes that are in my basement, the ones that NEVER get unpacked, the ones that contain bits and bobs I don't know what to do with.  I am getting rid of easily 75% of the stuff in those boxes!  That stuff just weighs me down and makes me feel guilty for not dealing with them!  Gone!  No More!  I wanted to buy boxes from U-haul but apparently I can't get them here.  Well that sucks, but I will find boxes here in town.

I know it seems silly but I am proud of us and how we have budgeted for this, how we have organized this, how much we are doing to make this go as smoothly as possible.  I did a budget up for the new house and if everything is as it seems to be from here (I know . . . it rarely is but . . . ) it seems as if our bills should be about half what we are paying now!  Yay us!

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