Jun 7, 2014

Sweet Dilemma

My sweet Magpie is a thinker.  She thinks about things, she feels things deep.  So, it doesn't surprise me that she has plans for her future.  She is loving and sweet and caring.  So, again it didn't surprise me that she kept planning to be a mommy as she says, "like you mommy!"  It did surprise me when one day she declared that she wanted to be an astronaut.  But upon further thought, it made sense, she loves science and space and planets.  But the biggest surprise was when she started crying at nap time.  She had been in her room deep in thought and it crossed her mind that when she was in space she would be away from her family and the thought of being so far away from all the people she loved broke her heart.  So, she called out to me sobbing, "Mommy, I don't want to be an astronaut anymore.  I want to be a mommy like you and stay home with you."

So we had a talk and I explained that astronauts don't live in space.  They go to space for a visit and come back like when daddy goes to work and comes home.  I explained that she can be anything she wants and she can be a mommy too if she wants too.  I explained that she could even be a mommy and an astronaut too.

It really emphasizes the kind of person that she is .  She went in her room and really thought about things.  And she thought of all that was entailed in being an astronaut and the thought of being far away from her family reduced her to tears.  I LOVE my Princess Magpie.  So thoughtful at only five years old.

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