Jun 25, 2014

Frustrated (UPDATED)

I am working hard every day to take care of the kids and to get things packed while Prince Charming is at work.  Every day, I go to bed exhausted but glad to be getting things done.  I will be thrilled when we get there, get all this stuff behind us and get new neighbours.

I am a little frustrated today because in the midst of all this work, I was just told that my neighbour was working this afternoon and had just assumed that she could leave her child at my place.  Without asking, without finding out if it was okay with me, nothing.  I only even found out that it was going to happen because when she texted Prince Charming that she was going to work, he asked her where her son was going and she said, "your place".  She just figured she would dump him off and assume it was okay.  Argh!!!  This is one of the reasons that I am glad that we are moving.  She is constantly assuming we are available whenever she decides she needs something.  I have a LOT going on right now, I have a lot to do and the girls don't always react well to her son being here.

After everything has been prepared and I have told the girls he is coming and I have made changes in my day and  I been waiting for him to arrive for 1 1/2 hours, she just changed her mind.  She didn't tell me, so that I could get on with my day and get things done, so I could tell my girls he wasn't coming, she just didn't show up.  She decided to drive all the way across the province to drop him off with his grandparents so that my girls wouldn't get a chance to see him before we move.  And didn't even give me  a head's up!  This girl needs to learn that I am really easy going, I just want to be kept in the loop on what is expected of me!

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