Jun 29, 2014

New . . .

I tried a new way of approaching things with this move.  I attacked the corners and closets that scared me the most first.  Those places that are full of storage and who knows what bits and bobs, that take forever to go through . . . I did those first.  Those easier areas that were a simple matter of putting everything in a box, no matter what it is, those areas I did later.  That way, I am not finally getting at the hard areas when I am exhausted and tired and don't feel like going through them.

When I did that in the past, I ended up just putting everything in boxes and not going through them at all.  This new house has less space to store things, so this is a perfect time, to whittle down my piles and only keep the things that are important to us.  In the last two weeks, I have donated 5 bags of things to a local charity and thrown out at least 24 bags of garbage (I lost count at that point, there may be more).  I felt no need to be weighed down by all those papers and junk that I have no use for.

I also went through our holiday decorations, got rid of some old and worn ones that had no sentimental value, so another bag of garbage there.  I put all the things I wanted to keep in plastic containers, that will be easy to recognize when I am looking for them and will also keep them safe.

I truly feel like we will be prepared long in advance.  Everything seems to be falling in line:
  1. I have a place to live
  2. I have electricity arranged.
  3. I have cable and internet arranged
  4. I have phones arranged
  5. I have the truck lined up
  6. I have driver for truck lined up (Thank you Princess Tigger)
  7. I have all the appropriate reservations arranged
  8. I have the movers to unload the truck arranged
  9. I have help to load the truck arranged
  10. I am getting packed up 
  11. I have scoped out the neighborhood for the location of grocery stores, Tim Horton's, drug stores, convenience stores and even take out places. 
The two only things I have let to do is:
  1. Figure out how to get the things to the dump that are too big for local garbage pickup but are not good enough to take with us. 
  2. Forward the mail

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