Jun 18, 2014

More Ideas to Help with Your Big Move

A Moving Organization Binder

Use Glad Press n' Seal to cover your containers


Place stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, blankets, and other soft items in trash bags and use them as padding next to fragile items in the moving truck. It also helps fill up irregular empty space in the truck so your belongings won’t shift around during the move.

Download a free printable moving check list before you get started. This will help you stay organized during the weeks to come.


Use masking tape to place a large X on your mirrors and glass frames. It won’t prevent it from breaking, but it will absorb shock and keep the glass in the frame in the case that it is dropped or shuffled in the moving truck.

Pack A First-Night Box 

Paper Bags In Place Of Newspaper

Make A Packing Supplies Basket

Use those fitted sheets to protect your mattresses on moving day! Put one on just like normal, and then place another on the bottom for complete coverage. This will keep dirt and debris off of your mattresses in the moving process.
To Pack Jewelry:

#1 Connect your necklaces through a toilet paper roll to prevent them from knotting. This is great for a short trip or packing up for a move.

#2 Use egg cartons to store and protect small pieces of jewelry like earrings, rings, and bracelets.
Label boxes with the room they are going to and exactly what is inside them. Post it notes work great. Just secure them with tape. If there are fragile items in the box, be sure to mark it FRAGILE. This will save everyone a lot of time and stress during the move. It’s worth the extra couple of seconds to label it. I promise!

Use Storage Bins For Seasonal Items

Double Box Your Valuables.  If there is anything you’re worried about breaking during your move, consider double boxing it for extra protection. This is especially true for electronics (like your computer or television). 

Utilize Everything:  Think outside of the box! Use your pot holders to safely hold knives, store socks inside of shoes and boots, use the inside of your washer and dryer for storage — anything you can think of to fill up empty space. This will save much needed room on the truck.
For example you can store items inside of large bowls, crockpots, and pots.

Use Towels To Protect Boxed Items 


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