Jun 18, 2014

Simple? Maybe?

I decided to attack the scariest area of my house first . . . the basement.  The new house doesn't have a basement, so I need to go through everything and try to cull it down a little bit . . . or a lot, something like that. 

My first thing to attack in the basement was all those boxes of odds and ends that got packed in a hurry at the end of every move we ever moved.  They all get dumped in a box and then never get unpacked, just stored.  I made myself a rule, I had to keep packing until I had a full bag of garbage from things that I felt we no longer needed. 

My rules were simple
  1. If I haven't needed it in years and it isn't special to me - throw it out!
  2. If I couldn't figure out what it is - throw it out!
  3. If I couldn't think of any reason we would need it  - throw it out!
  4. Basically, unless these junk boxes had important stuff in them, most of it was simple to deal with - throw it out!
I hope the rest of the basement goes as quickly as this did!

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