Feb 7, 2014

Well there it is then

The doctor called me yesterday because she got copies of my x-rays from when I fell.  She wanted to see me about the results.

The first news was easy, my neck was showing less curvature and my back was showing more curvature all of which was a result of muscle spasms from my fall.  I figured that part out myself, but it was good to know I was not imagining the pain.

The second news surprised me, apparently my bones showed up the wrong color on my scans and she was concerned about my bone density and is sending me for scans.

Nextly she had a WHOLE bunch of tests she wants me to get as a result of the rest of my file: mammogram (YUCK!), kidney function, blood sugar, further blood pressure monitoring and other tests I can't remember.

So it was a surprising visit and I am a little concerned about what kind of diet I am going to have to eat if I am positive for any of these things.

Where is that pile of sand, I think I want to bury my head again . . .

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