Feb 15, 2014


I think we may have actual repetition of words for Little Prince!  I have started using the same words and phrases in the same situations so as to get him used to them, to expect them and one of things I do is when he is going to bed, I stand in the doorway with him and say, "bye, bye" to daddy.  Well twice in the last couple of days in the midst of the random babble he is saying, he has sounded like he said, "bye bye" in response to saying bye to daddy!

Another one is that when Princess Belle tickles his toes, she always says, "Tickle!"   Well the last two days it has sounded like the in amidst the giggles he is trying to say, "Tickle".  It isn't clear, but it feels like progress to me.

In our little world of Autism related hurdles, it feels like he is trying really hard.  He is so sweet and funny and gentle, I just love it!


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