Feb 25, 2014

Good! and not so good . . . .

I got some blood work back from the doctor and I was surprised to learn that I do NOT have diabetes!  I was told when I was pregnant, that they thought I was probably diabetic all the time because of the way my numbers had been and I have been delaying getting the testing done because I was scared to know, BUT . . . I DON'T  Yay!!!  Most of my numbers were great.  I don't have thyroid issues either, so that was wonderful to learn! 

I did find out that I have low iron.  Which explains my lack of energy, I was attributing it to being a very busy mother of four beautiful children, but I guess there was more too it than that.  I also have high cholesterol and high triglycerides.  So that means I have to pay more attention to my diet.  I am the research queen of the universe . . . so I will be looking up which ways of eating will be good for losing weight, low iron and high cholesterol and high triglycerides.  So updates on that later. 

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