Feb 10, 2014

Progress and Balancing

Well when the therapist came today, she actually worked with Little Prince.  She worked at trying to get him to copy simple things that she was doing.  He is a funny little guy and he has a mind of his own and he had a set way that he liked to do things and after a while he got mad at her for not doing things his way.  It was funny to watch, but at least she got to see him in action and worked with him.   I will take it.

We discussed his need for the quiet of his room.  We think maybe with his autism comes a sensitivity to sound and that with all other kids in our house, he just needs to retreat to the peace and quiet of his room.  I discussed how I try to balance out his need for interaction and his need to learn with his need for peace and quiet.  I know it will be easier for him as he gets older and he can just go into his room and close the door and choose to have peace and quiet when he needs it.  For now, I have to try to meet his needs while making him feel secure and content.

I have to say, he is such a sweet, funny, wonderful little boy.  As long as we can interpret what he needs, he is happy and I just love him SOO much!


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