Feb 4, 2014

New Beginning and Letting go

The kids love the beginning of a new month when we change our classroom calendar.  The picking out of which month to put up, picking a new color pattern to use.  It is all fun for them.  And if the beginning of the month is on the weekend, I leave it so that we have a couple of days to put up and they take turns figuring out which number is next and which color is next and then putting them in the proper spot.   I kind of like that a new month is a new beginning.  You clear off the old calendar of all its stuff and start fresh and new, "a new month with no mistakes in it yet."

Now that February is here, we will be doing lots of heart things for the first two weeks.  Hearts mean love to my girls and that makes them super happy.  I have a few ideas of easy things that they will enjoy.

The funny thing about when we were making these heart cards is that Princess Snifflefritz had no desire at all to cut out hearts and make a card.  While Princess Magpie worked hard to make a card and to glue the ones she cut out onto her paper, Princess Snifflefritz, just snipped paper and cut out little bits of red confetti.  I figured, she was having fun and practicing her cutting skills, so I let her have her fun.  She has come so far in her participation of the homeschool activities and she is only four, I have learned to let go and count the progress where I can. 

I am a bit of a control freak, it is hard for me to let go, count the progress and trust the process.  Each of my children are such individuals and take joy in different approaches to things.  Princess Magpie delights in schoolwork and takes great joy in diligently accomplishing her tasks, until this year, Princess Belle has always needed gentle persuasion to get to her work and get it done.  When she feels like she is good at something there is no stopping her but she gets easily discouraged if it feels too difficult.  Princess Snifflefritz just takes a little longer to get interested and once she interested, she has fun with her work.  I need to do my best to make the schoolwork fun and educational and then learn to let go and trust the process. 

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Unknown said...

Good job! Looks like a great change and looks like everyone had fun! I am totally in the same boat as you I try to control everything but sometimes I have the best time when I just let go!