Feb 26, 2014

Heartbreak (updated)

It is particularly hard to have your baby be sick.  It is hard to have him feel so fragile and delicate at two years old that you are afraid to move him the wrong way, afraid to cause him pain.  In the last four or five days since his fall, we have been going through that with Little Prince.  Every time we moved any part of him, we had to be ever so gentle and careful.  He was so afraid of falling again that everytime he was near me, he clung to me so tightly he caused himself pain.  It broke my heart.

But it was wonderful to see the glimpses of his old self come back.  And as of yesterday, he was actually giggling and sweet and more himself.  He may have to wear a brace for another week, but I am thrilled to see him feeling happier.

Now, he is autistic and he doesn't eat well at the best of times, so it is no surprise that since his fall, his eating has been DREADFUL, but I am hopeful that as he continues to feel better, he will start to eat better.

UPDATE:  He ate!  He ate!  He actually ate a good breakfast today!  I am thrilled.  I tried a different one of the few foods I know he likes and he ate it!  We were tiptoeing around while he ate, scared to distract him from his food and make him change his mind.


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