Feb 25, 2014

Diet to Reduce High Cholesterol

I am researching ways to improve my cholesterol, beyond the regular lose weight, which I am working on anyway.  Here are somethings I have learned so far:

  1. Get rid of high saturated fat, high cholesterol, or "junk foods." 
  2. Select cholesterol-friendly foods by "shopping the perimeter." Stick to:
    1. fresh fruits 
    2. vegetables, 
    3. lean meats, fish and seafood
    4. low-fat dairy products.
    5. whole grains
    6. egg whites
  3. Concentrate on "high-fiber" or "whole-grain" and look at the Nutrition Facts Label listed on packaging. 
  4. Prepare foods by using baking, steaming, boiling, broiling, grilling or microwaving techniques. Avoid frying foods.  
  5. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are good snack options
  6. Foods that some consider to help lower cholesterol: 
    1. green tea
    2. oatmeal 
    3. walnuts
    4. tomatoes
    5. apples
    6. avocado
    7. salmon
    8. olive oil
    9. flaxseed meal

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