Apr 13, 2015

Princess Wishes

Poor Princess Magpie is NOT enjoying this house.  Every other day she comes to me with requests for our next house.  Here is her shopping list for a new house:

  • She wants a basement because, "they're cool to explore in".  
  • She wants a backyard because we have none here, it isn't safe to let her play outside our door and she misses our yard. 
  • She wants playroom/classroom because it meant her toys were organized on a more regular basis
  • And if she could have anything in the world, she would like her own room, but she doesn't mind sharing with her sister if she can have a yard and a playroom. 
These are all perfectly respectable requests and I honestly would like those things too.

Prince Charming just really really wants to move out of the city.  He is tired of bad neighborhoods and hearing of crime all the time. I get that too and I know my kids like the freedom of small town living.

I like my neighbors here.  I like having things relatively close by.  I like having friends close by.  I would honestly stay in the city or at least close to it if we could but I get that it would make everyone happy if we don't stay here.  And, I know that I LOVE small town living too.  My only thing is that I am tired of limbo.  I am tired of not being settled.  That may be contributing to my wish to just stay put.  I sort of feel like if I have to move, let's just get it over with.  But I am being a grownup and planning and saving and doing it right.

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