Apr 15, 2015

Well they tried . . . .

Oh and I never even mentioned that on Sunday, while I had a day out with my friend, Prince Charming and the kids were home alone.  When Prince Charming and Princess Belle were upstairs for a few minutes, leaving the girls quietly watching a show, Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz decided to make a cake mix.

By the time Princes Charming and Princess Belle came back down, the girls had gotten a bowl, oil, measuring cups, a cake pan and started to break three eggs into the bowl.  The only thing is they are five and six years old . . . . so there was eggs EVERYWHERE  I kept finding new places for the eggs to hide for the rest of the day.

On one hand I am proud of them for remembering how to make a cake and having the confidence to give it a try.  On the other hand, I wish they would have waited for some help . . . those silly girls.

Here is a pic of them enjoying the rewards of helping me decorate the cake we made together today.

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