Apr 5, 2015

Easter . . . Ready for the Kids

Here are the Easter Decorations before the kids came down.  I was almost as excited as they were!  LOL, I love seeing their joyful faces!

close-up of the baskets

Close-up of Mrs. Bunny and the little Easter Tree

Close-up of Mr. Bunny and his Easter Flower Pot

Close-up of the Easter Flower pot.  Loved creating this, I wanted something to put some candy in, so I picked out this little bucket I had. Then I found the flower straws I had found and 'planted' them in the candy. The I remembered the eggs on a stick I had and 'planted' them too. It just looks so cute!

Cupcakes Princess Snifflefritz requested.  

Cocoa Footprints left by the Easter Bunny!

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