Apr 22, 2015

Our Earth Day Fun

We had fun for our Earth Day today. 

First, we made bird feeders out of recycled milk cartons

Next, we turned paper plates into colorful earths with tissue paper and paint.

Then we made cupcakes.

While they cooked, the girls licked the bowl

 After they were cooked and cooled we decorated them with icing and colored sugar in blue and green to look a little like the earth

The girls were so proud of their creations

Here are their earth plates

And smiling over their bird feeders.

For supper, I made them spaghetti and earthballs (meatballs)

And I decorated the table in a manner suitable for Earth Day

The girls got a kick out the stones and played games with them all afternoon.  

The shells were a huge hit as well and the girls pretended to be at the beach all afternoon.

There were two kinds of stones on the table.  One kind was natural and one kind was glow in the dark.  The girls invented a game of hide-and-glow-seek with the stones in the pantry.  It was so cute.  They chattered all the way up to bed, making me promise that they can play beach with the stones and shells again tomorrow. 

All in all it was a good day and it ended with the girls offering ideas for future Earth Day celebrations.

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