Apr 27, 2015


So I think we have a compromise.  Prince Charming hates the neighborhood we live in, he has since we got here.  The girls hate that we have no backyard, Prince Charming misses our basement and I have to admit,  I do miss having our own laundry room.

But, I like living in the city.  I like the proximity to help for Little Prince.  I like all my favorite little shops.  I like having a friend nearby to shop with, have nights out with and chat about our kids and life with.  I like having an easy bus system to get around with.

So I suggested to Prince Charming that we check out our old neighborhood here in the city.  We liked the neighborhood we lived in when we met and when Princess Belle was a baby.  We never had any troubles there and it is still familiar to us.  And he agreed!  This would be an easier move since it would be an in-town move.  We even had a place we are looking at.  Cross your fingers for us.

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Heather Little said...

Nice compromise! Good luck on finding a great home :)