Apr 4, 2015

Saturday Photohunt: Aging

The Saturday PhotoHunt for this week is:  Aging.  I had all kinds of ideas for aging, Princess Belle with her best friend as a baby and now, Princess Belle and her siblings when they were babies and now.  But then I thought of my parents and how they are aging (my mom is almost 70).  And how as time passes by and they choose not to be a part of my kids' lives, they are missing out on the chance to be a part of the lives of the only grandchildren they have.  That is sad for them, I have some pretty special kids.

And for something a little less sad, I thought of an article I read on facebook yesterday, about how moms tend not to be in the picture of their kids lives.  I thought I would share pics of me with each of my babies and you can see the progression of my age over the course of 10 years of having babies.

So here I am in 2002 with Princess Belle (I was only 30 in this picture!)

Here I am in 2008 with Princess Magpie (I was 36 here)

Here I am in 2009 with Princess Snifflefritz (And I was 37 here)

And finally, here I am with Little Prince in 2012 (This was the day after my 40th birthday!)

And here I am in a selfie I took this morning, sans makeup, just me.  I am 43 now.  (I really need to start getting some pictures taken with my kids)

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