Apr 18, 2015

Too Big!!!

I went to a different store than I usually do today.  It was HUGE compared to my little store.  I like my store, I know where all the healthy things are, I know where all the sales are.  I know where everything I want is.  It is familiar and I like that.  Shopping there is a relaxing trip for me.

But I was all smart today and went to a new store.  IT WAS HUGE!!

It was like a grocery store combined with walmart combined with Shoppers Drug Mart.  All in one store!!!  I felt like I was in a foreign country.  I couldn't find anything I wanted.  And it was funny but even though it was bigger my little store carries more variety of some things! 

I guess I have turned into a small town girl at heart and giant congomeration stores are not fun for me.  I like poking around little stores and finding hidden treasures.  I like smiling and chatting with the ladies behind the counter.  I like the familiar air of the store.

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