Apr 11, 2015

All The Good and a Little Bad

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it was actually a good one!  Apparently I wasn't crazy when I thought that being a veggie was  making me feel better.  After only two months, it is actually doing my body better too!!  Here is the news I got yesterday (and most of it is good!!)
  • YAY!!  My blood sugars are at a good level!!
  • YAY!!  My blood pressure has come so far down that it is within a normal range now!!
  • YAY!!  I had my bone scan and even though my density is slightly less than average, it is within normal range . . . so no osteoporosis for me!!!
  • We are going to test my cholesterol after six months to see if they have come down too.
  • OH WELL, and the only sort of bad news is the explanation for my sore knees.  The cause is two-fold.  First, I have a my kneecap is off track and is rubbing against the bone and cartilage nearby. Secondly, I have osteoarthritis in my knees.  I don't really feel too badly about this news.  I have had bad knees for 20 years, so while it is nice to have a name for it and it is too bad that there is nothing they can do for it, it doesn't change my life at all. 

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