Apr 20, 2015

Never Thought

When I had my babies, I knew that in the first year I would be tired.  I knew that small babies have to learn to sleep through the night and need their mommies to snuggle them.  And when I had my first baby, I found out that with small babies, I would also worry about their food intake. What I didn't know was that for my babies, that wouldn't end at one year.  It was longer for all my kids.

I certainly had no idea that when Little Prince was three years old, I would be struggling to get him to eat . . . anything at all most days.  (I even went out today to McDonalds to get him a chicken nugget happy meal in the hopes to convince him to eat something . . .  .  anything!  But nope, no nuggets for my little nugget!)  And I was not aware that at three years old, he would still have his days and nights mixed up.  These days, he is awake most of every night!  And on the hard nights, he wants me to be up with him. 

This means that during the day we both look like this

And during the night, I still look like that but he is happy, flappy, and still ignoring his food!

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