Apr 6, 2015


My kids are so hard to take pictures of.  They are constantly in motion!  Then trying to get a picture with all four looking at the camera is almost impossible, never mind all four of them smiling.

Here are some of the outtakes I didn't delete from our photoshoot yesterday.

This one wasn't too bad, but Little Prince would NOT be still and he kept moving his hands.  I NEED a better camera than my cell phone!

 And with the hands!

Every time I put those ears on him, he pulled them off.  Usually blocking his big sisters face.  Then for some unknown reason, Princess Snifflefritz started making duck faces!

And then like most of our photoshoots, this one dissolved into a fits of laughter.

Princess Belle goofing around

Always moving, Little Prince is disappearing in this one, while simultaneously trying to remove his ears.

Again, the ears come off!

There was no getting Little Prince to look at me, or acknowledge me in any way.  I was making faces, singing, being the biggest goofball you have ever seen and he just didn't care.  He wanted it all to be over so we would leave him alone.  Silly boy. 

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