Jan 1, 2015

I Will . . . .

I have a few goals for this year.  Things I know that I will accomplish!  I am confident and hopeful!

1.  ORGANIZATION:   First of all, I want to organize our tiny little storage room and my pantry.  I want to get storage solutions and work through the space to make sure that everything that is in there are things that need to be in there.  I am also going to organize our closet (which has become a secondary storage area.)

2.  SCHEDULE:  I want to develop a better schedule for our day.  I am going to make a schedule, print it off and stick to the wall for everyone to see.  I am also going to start setting my alarm clock to start my day earlier so that we can start homeschool earlier.

3.  WEIGHT:  I have been waffling for the last year and I have been at that long enough.  This year, I am going to stick to the Trim Healthy Mama plan and I am going to make our family meals fit the plan. 
 (note to self: need more pics of myself)
4.  PURGE:  I am going to be going through the kids clothes and purge anything that they don't or can't wear.  I am going to provide them with some nice clothes that actually fit and look cute.

5.  FINANCES:  I am going to start to save a little money and I am going to do a little each month to outfit our home with things that don't look like poor college student furniture.  This involves some pretty serious budgeting, but I am good with a budget.

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