Jan 26, 2015


I had a fun day out cruising thrift shops with my friend.  There was no deadline, no kids, nothing except to moms out having a little fun getting deals. 

I got some great deals including: 
  • great Tupperware (which I LOVE!) 
  • a few cute things for the kids to wear
  • some learning books at 10 for $1
I also stocked up on milk and bread for Little Prince in case the storm that is coming is as bad as they are calling for.  (When you have an autistic boy whose entire diet consists of milk and peanut butter sandwiches, you don't run out of bread and milk!) I got the milk at Costco, it is the cheapest milk around!  And as a feel-good bonus, the bag boy at Costco flirted with us.  That's always a nice thing for a 42 year old mom of four! 

When I got home and got the food put away, I took a look around and every single member of my family was reading one of the books I got!  From Prince Charming to Little Prince, everyone was enjoying a book.  I LOVE it!  I guess that was a dollar well spent. 

I have been organizing my cupboards, so as soon as I got home, I put my Tupperware straight to work. 

And just for fun, aren't these a cute couple of super-spies?!

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