Jan 12, 2015

Almost speechless

I am feeling quiet today.  I was actually feeling almost speechless but not quite, I figured I could share some random thoughts I am having today:  
  • I am enjoying the Trim Healthy Mama plan so far.  I am NEVER hungry, and I almost never have cravings that I can't find a way to satisfy.  The weight is coming off a little more slowly than with low carb but my stomach reacts better to this diet. 
  • The man is here to fix the giant hole in my kitchen ceiling that was a result of the leak we had before Christmas.  So yay!  No more drafty hole!  Here is what it looked like before he got started.:
  • I finished organizing and cleaning and decluttering my playroom/kitchen.  It looks SO much better.
  • So far this year I have cleaned and organized and decluttered the following: 
      • Little Prince's room
      • Our room and closet
      • The bookcase in the hall with the kids books
      • The front porch
      • Our only storage room
      • The living room (twice!)
      • The Christmas stuff
      • The kitchen
      • The playroom/classroom area
  • The only area I have left to do is the Girl's room.  I swear they have it a foot deep with toys and clutter.  I was going to do it today, but because the workman is here I decided to put it off until tomorrow.  
  • I love that even when we are not "doing school" the girls tend to be learning almost by accident.  
    • Princess Belle loves to watch shows about science and history.  The History channel is actually her favorite channel. 
    • Princess Magpie looks through the coloring books to find workbooks that she can do for fun, she even looks for the one labelled "grade 1" so she knows they are for kids her age. 
    • Princess Snifflefritz used to have almost no fine motor skills but she can now color and stay in the lines and has even taken to practicing writing her name just for fun!
  • Prince Charming doesn't like living in the city.  (Especially where we live, but the city as a whole bothers him)  I get that, where we are right now doesn't really bother me.  I love our neighbours, it isn't expensive, and Princess Belle loves it here.  But I understand his point, I do love the country too, and I am aware that we are going to have to move to the country at some point if he is going to be happy and the kids would like a yard.  
  • Little Prince is loving his room.  I love to listen to him at night, thump, thump, thumping as he races around the room.  He loves to run and he loves that his room is completely his place with complete freedom.  Even when he gets upset, all he wants is to grab his monkey pillow, poke it in his lap and rock (hard and fast) until he feels better.
I thought I had nothing to say today.  I am tired and I was feeling quiet, but you know what happens when I start sharing what is on my mind?  I find out that I have more to say than I thought I did. 

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