Jan 6, 2015

Well . . . I started

Well today, I cleared out the storage room and put things back in a better way.

When it started it was a disaster and when all the stuff was spread all over my living room, it looked BAD!  I can't imagine how all that went in there.  This isn't my living room, but just pretend it was, it looked even worse than this!
I used all my containers and put things that were loose in the storage room mostly into boxes.  I also put things that were in long term storage into plastic containers instead of cardboard.  The kids had fun poking through and finding things in all the boxes as I worked.  I ran out of containers but I have to say it looks a lot better. And now, I have four large bags of clothes to donate!  I can't wait to get more containers to finish it off and a hamper to put in there to have one handy on the main floor.  I will share some pictures when I have a chance. 

I am exhausted but I am impressed with how we have managed to purge so much out of our storage stuff.  We went from a very full basement of junk to a small storage room that isn't even full!!  I am aching in places I didn't know could ache but for supper I even managed to make a chili that was in the Trim Healthy Mama book. The girls declared the chili the best chili in the universe!  So I guess it was a hit! 

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