Jan 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Tots and Me

I went back to an age, I am going back to two years old for my Throwback Thursday Post today.  To be clear, I am going back to when each of my kids were two years old.

Princess Snifflefritz was a very sweet little girl when she was two.  She loved blowing out her birthday candles and attacking that HUGE piece of birthday cake!

Princess Belle was an only child when she was two.  She was a picky, messy, eater, but she was sooo cute, she was the star of the show every where she went.  (Hmm . . . I miss those curls!)

Princess Magpie was an adorable two year old.  She was bubbly and happy and LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!

Little Prince was my quiet, gentle two year old.  He liked his birthday hat and even figured it was was good for eating LOL (and look he even at french fries back then!!)

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