Jan 9, 2015


The doctor has prescribed me with blood pressure medication.  I am not surprised. I had a feeling it had been high lately.  Good thing I am trying to get healthy lately.  I have decided to give the Trim Healthy Mama plan one good month of trying hard and sticking to it and if I don't loose weight, I am moving on to a different plan. 

I also am getting some bloodwork done and getting my knees checked out.  There were so many things I had to do as I left the doctor's office. I was trying to make mental notes.  I need to start going to the doctor with a notebook so I can keep track of things while I am there. I need to get two notebooks, one for me and one for Little Prince.  My little brain just can't keep track of everything.  I was sitting in the doctor's office today for my appointment and I had no idea which reason she had asked me to come in for.  crazy . . . I know.  Thank god I like my doctor.

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