Jan 5, 2015

So here it is . . . . .

I am almost incoherent today I am so tired.  The days with lack of sleep are vastly outnumbering the days with sleep.  I am trying to put together a post that makes sense and in it comes pouring out in a jumble in nonsense.  

So here is where I am with my resolution to organize:  I have moved on to organizing my kitchen after the Christmas hastle.  Today I tackled that and it looks better.  I also went out and got some more storage solutions for my storage room which I plan to tackle tomorrow.  I also got a few things to organize the little girls room which I plan to do in the in the next few days.

I am sticking to the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating and so far it is a very satisfying way of life.  I had a fabulous smoothie last night that was a YUMMY treat and I invented a yummy supper today which I can't wait to dig into!

And honestly, I am proud to be accomplishing much of anything with the lack of sleep I am experiencing these days. 


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