Jan 12, 2015


One thing I try to remember with Little Prince is that even though, he seems like a baby, he isn't.  He is a growing boy.  He is almost 3 years old and I need to remember that. 
There are so many ways that I need to resist the temptation to treat him like a baby: 
  • I need to let him walk places when he is up to it.  
  • I need to resist the temptation to use baby talk and talk to him like he is an almost 3 year old who can understand me, even if he can't talk to me.  Because I really believe he understands so much more than we know. 
  • I need to let him grow to bigger boy toys when he is interested in them, watch him, but don't be afraid.
It is hard to balance the fact that I know he is a growing boy with knowing that he doesn't like change, knowing that he likes routine, knowing that he is still a clumsy walker, knowing that he doesn't talk, knowing that he has special needs. 

I try hard to remember what the girls were like when they were this age, to remember how I treated them and to try to give him some of the same freedoms.  But I am a little over-protective of him, and I know that.  He feels like a baby to me and it is hard not to treat him that way.

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