Jan 19, 2015

He just won't

He doesn't smile on command.  He just doesn't.  Little Prince is a happy boy, but he tends to be too busy in his own endeavors to sit still and certainly too busy to stop and smile for me, especially considering his autism means I can NEVER get his attention.

But he has a beautiful smile, it lights up his face and sparkles in his eyes.  Usually when he is smiling, he is in motion (running or rocking) and any pictures I take tend to be blurry.  So I just take pictures of him as he is.  You can see the cuteness and those few quiet, thoughtful moments but I don't get to share his sparkly, shiny smile that often. 

But today he was in a good mood so decided to try and, I got a picture of him eating his peanut butter chocolate sandwiches.  I was tickling him with one hand and taking a picture of him with the other hand.  He was moving and I was certain it was going to be blurry but when I looked, I had it!  A big sparkly, chocolate-covered smile.  My happy boy for all of  you to see.

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