Aug 26, 2014


I am tired and this may not make a lot of sense, but I have been thinking about some things.

I have read  few blog posts lately that have me thinking about me and my kids and the way I am with them.  I know that I am doing my best, that I love my kids and that they love me and that we are happy.  But I was thinking about how important it is to truly listen to my kids.  How important it is to really hear what they have to say and to give them permission to feel what they feel.  Let them know that in this busy, crazy, world, there is at least one place that they are heard and listened to.

So if my child is scared, or overwhelmed, don't brush it off, hurry them along, or something similar, listen to them, hear why they are feeling the things they are feeling and help them through it.

If my austistic child needs to look at all the birthday cards before we leave the store, take a few minutes, let her see them, give her that.  She doesn't want to be annoying, this is important to her.

If a ride is too loud, or overwhelming, or crowded for my child, give her permission to say no, and we will do something else instead.

And if my non-verbal boy tries to hold onto my neck, shaking and crying because the escalator is scary, take the elevator.  If he lets me know in his own way, he is scared, pay attention, comfort, take the time.  If he is in the kitchen having a snack after I get home from shopping and he starts to cry when I leave the room, then either take him with me, or sit down with him.  The thing is, he is such an easy going boy, and so quiet that it would be easy to view him like a little doll that you take around with you.  But he is a little person, growing and learning and seeing this world.  He needs to know that whatever way he finds to communicate with me, I am listening.  I hear it and I am trying. 


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