Aug 28, 2014

No Limit

I watched the movie, Temple Grandin yesterday.  It was the story of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who went on to become one of the top scientists in the humane livestock handling industry.  A few things struck me about Temple, she didn't talk until she was 4 (Little Prince is 2 1/2) and life wasn't always easy for her, and people were sometimes mean, but there were always kind people along the way too and she had a determination not to let the mean ones stop her from accomplishing her goals.  There were no limits to what she could do.  She was incredible.

I would love to pass that determination on to my kids.

Princess Belle sat down and watched most of the movie with me and it sparked conversation.  We discussed similarities and differences between them.  I talked to Princess Belle about how in Temple's life as in Princess Belle's there are mean people.  But that as long as Princess Belle has a few good people on her side, it will be okay.  And we talked about how there are no limits to the great things she can accomplish.  How we believe in her.

It opened my eyes to the great future ahead Little Prince.  We just have to meet him where he is and then I am confident he will show us all the wonderful things he can do.  And, I can't wait until he can talk and I can know some of the things going on in his head.


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