Aug 29, 2014

Wow . . . so easy

I was out shopping with Prince Charming and the kids yesterday, getting things for homeschool and for our new place when I started to chat with Prince Charming about the movie, Temple Grandin, that I mentioned here yesterday. I talked about her squeeze machine and how it soothed her and comforted her when she was upset (she has autism) and I said, that I wished I could find Little Prince's version of a squeeze machine.  Something that could sooth him and comfort him when he feels like he needs it.

Well fast forward a few hours of shopping and Little Prince is in the shopping cart as I pick up a few towels and put them in my cart.  He turns around in the cart and he sees blankets like the ones he has at home.  He plucks one up, puts it in his lap and cuddles it.  And in minutes, he is asleep.

I started to think about Little Prince and his blankets.  It struck me then that his blankets are his squeeze machine.  When he is upset, he balls a blanket up in his lap, rocks, cuddles it and it makes him feel better.  Actually, if he can, he will have a blanket in his lap, most of the time.  When we were out and he was tired and overwhelmed, one quick cuddle with a blanket relaxed him to the point that he fell asleep.

Between the movie and that realization, I decided from now on when I am out with Little Prince, I will add something else to my Little Prince bag (which currently contains bottles of chocolate milk, diapers, and changes of clothes) from now on it will also contain a small blanket to sooth him when he needs it. 

I want to give him what he needs, to make him feel safe and secure and content, and how easy is it to poke a little blanket in my bag to take with me?  He can't talk to me, but if I pay attention, it is so easy to give him what he needs. 


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