Aug 1, 2014

Journey's End

After our ferry ride to Nova Scotia, the kids were all very tired.  While we waited for the bus that would take us on an 8 hour ride across the province to our new home in Halifax, they napped in the chairs.

The wait wasn't bad and the kids were pretty content. 

Again, I was really impressed with the Marine Atlantic workers, one of whom chatted with Princess Snifflefritz (and believe me that girl can chat!) and another of whom furnished her with coloring pages and crayons to entertain her while she waited.

It took mere moments aboard the bus before they kids were once again napping.

I kept fixing his head and he just kept putting in this painful looking position!  I would so have woken up with a headache!

And again, Princess Snifflefritz fell asleep halfway through a snack, and she insisted on sleeping in odd and awkward positions. 

Little Prince wasn't big on food the whole trip, but he did try a new junk food that he liked!  At this point his food selection is so limited, I am even happy with new junk foods!

Unpacking out truck was an adventure and the movers we hired were awful but thanks to Princess Tigger and her friends, we were able to get everything off the truck and get it returned early!  I am slowly unpacking and organizing our new home and will share pictures of it as soon as it feels presentable.

One of the benefits of being in Halifax is the public transportation system makes it easier to take the kids out even if we don't have a vehicle at the moment.  Our kids are thrilled.  This pic is of the girls waiting for Halifax Metro so that we can take our very first trip out as a family in the city. 

Our wonderful neighbors have been so generous and helpful  My next door neighbor is wonderful.  I wake up every day and have a coffee with her on her deck.  She is like a grandmother to all the local kids and she has a VERY kind heart.  I really do adore her.  She gave us this chair for our living room and the kids just love it. 

There isn't a lot of grass in our yard, but there is a really lovely park very close by.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy watching the kids making beautiful artwork.

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