Aug 5, 2014


Princess Magpie turned six while we were moving so we had a birthday cake at Grandma Great's house and then we waited until we moved to have a birthday party.  Princess Tigger was having one for her daughter, so she was gracious enough to include Princess Magpie in the fun.  It was a great day, with good food, good friends and good fun.  After we got home, we had a few more presents and another little cake just for our family.

There were presents for every child whose birthday was close to the BBQ party.

Big kids and little kids had fun together

Princess Belle got to see some of her Halifax friends that she likes so much.

All the grownups chatted and watched the kids having fun. 

The cake was big enough for all of the nearly 40 people there. 

Princess Snifflefritz enjoyed the little ones there

Princess Magpie enjoyed seeing other kids close to her age
 Here is Princess Belle with all her friends.

I was amazed that Little Prince actually interacted with some people.  He took a fascination with balls and laughed with his whole being when they played with the balls with him.  It was a joy to watch him so involved and having fun.  I never get to see him interact with other people in that way and I LOVED it.

Little Prince also loved watching Princess Snifflefritz playing with bubbles.

I got to chat with my mommy friends that I missed so much.

Princess Magpie spent some time by herself concentrating on a toy she found.

All the kids loved going through the toys.

Princess Snifflefritz spotted a camera and said, "Here take a picture of me!"  

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Looks like lots of fun!