Aug 23, 2014


Princess Belle and I had a mommy/daughter day today.  She has a pool party tomorrow and due to her recent insistence on growing like crazy, she didn't have any swimsuits to wear.  So shopping we went.  At our first shop, the suits were $90!!!  At the end of summer, for a 12 year old who probably won't fit into them again next year.  At the second shop, they were $150!!  I told  her that if I bought one of those, she would have to promise not to grow any more.  She tried to angle for a bikini, saying that if it was a bikini, she promised.  LOL, I don't think so.  There is no need for her to have a bikini.  Finally, we found a sale!  We bought her TWO swimsuits for way way way less than any place else!

It was actually fun to shop with her and chat about things and get time to be alone with just her.  She really is a cool person.

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