May 27, 2014

Sometimes it just sucks!

Having a bad day today.  Sometimes people suck.  I just with I could have a genie in a bottle and rub it and get enough money to get out of here.  I should have known not to move here.  This happened here before.  People here don't seem to trust that you can homeschool your kids and take care of them.  I am being held hostage here by a lack of the money I need.  I am saving as fast as I can but I won't have the money to move my family and all our stuff until October at least!  I need to have peace of mind and I need to have Little Prince and Princess Belle close to the autism help they deserve and all of us close to the homeschoolers we know and love.  Just a few thousand dollars would make all the difference in the world. 

I NEVER talk about this stuff here and I should probably just delete it and go back to sunshine and roses but all of this stuff on top of a hurt back and I am lost and upset and broken.

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Anonymous said...

so sorry you're going through that, my husband's hours at work just got cut and with number 2 almost here some extra (hah extra is there such a thing?) would REALLY come in handy. You're a great parent btw both of my parents made lots of sacrifices and had to go to crazy lengths to get both of my brothers the help they needed (they're both Autistic on complete opposite ends of the spectrum though) and I must say God knows what he's doing when he gives these special children to their parents :) you're doing great!