May 6, 2014

Our Cinco de Mayo Fun!

Our Cinco de Mayo fun was simple, relaxed and easy but the kids had fun and so did I.  

Here was the table with all our little decorations.  We did it in a red, yellow and orange theme, with paper lanterns, candles, pinwheels, and colorful flowers to match. 

For dinner we had do it yourself nachos and soft-shell tacos.  I LOVED the red tortilla chips!  And the spicy black beans that I made were wonderful as a vegetarian taco or on the chips!

Princess Belle played the role of big sister very well and was quick to help her little sisters as well as show them all the fun stuff that was there.

The girls were VERY excited and loved the yummy food and their pinwheels!

And the bendy straws with the umbrellas on them, were a HUGE hit too!

This was our first time doing Cinco de Mayo, but I definitely see us doing it again in the future.  It was a LOT of fun for all of us.

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