May 1, 2014

Princess Magpie Adventures

Princess Magpie has been wishing her birthday would come soon.  When you are five years old, it seems like a lifetime between March when the last of her siblings had his birthday and July when hers is.

So today I decided to take her out with me when I went.  It wasn't a big deal just a quick trip to the mall and the grocery store, but we walked together (she skipped the whole way) and she had so much fun.

I took her to breakfast first and then we went to do our shopping.  She ran from place to place and wore herself out!  I let her sit on all the rides in the mall and she loved pretending they were real!  Her favorite was the pink elephant because he was "her favorite color" and her looked "so real".  LOL

I let her pick out a treat or two for her and her sister and the lady at the grocery store gave her a balloon.  Honestly, it made my shopping trip almost as fun for me as it was for her.

I think I am going to start making this a new thing.  Every grocery day, a different child gets to come with me.  It gives them alone time with me and it is a bit of an adventure.

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