May 12, 2014

Decorating tips for Renters

I don't own my home.  But I do want it to look like MY home.  So here are some tips I found to decorate and personalize your rented home.

Change out your light fixtures. Your new fixtures can move with you when the time comes. If your budget doesn’t allow for brand new fixtures, look for ways to update the lighting with some DIY creativity and low wattage light bulbs. A globe cut in half, a drum shade, or even a birdcage can be placed over existing fixtures to add interest and personality.

Update plain white walls without causing damage to the walls. Consider updating walls with removable wallpaper, starch and fabric, fabric covered foam board, or even maps hung with removable tape.

Add flavor and spice to your new digs with the help of colorful accessories.

Renter Friendly Picture Hanging

Removable wall stickers are hands down the best way to temporarily transform a room.

 New door and drawer handles

Fabric wall hangings

 Clever storage

 Create an Entryway

 Customize Closets

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