Aug 13, 2013

Tuesday Talk

Random thoughts for today:
  • I just realized I was defriended on Facebook by someone.  I wonder why?  I hate that old high school feeling I get when stuff like that happens.
  • No one in my house got nearly enough sleep last night.  This is looking to be a VERY GROUCHY day in my house.
  • On the good side, I am still enjoying the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating!  I LOVE the food, I never feel deprived and I LOVE the variety of food I am allowed to eat!  And oh btw, I have lost 8 lbs in two weeks!!
  • Little Prince isn't secure in his walking and has only really taken a couple of steps now and then, but he is so cute when he is teetering there trying to get his balance.
  • One thing I am liking about Mrs. Potts living next door is that we tend to eat together.  It is fun to have a sort of pot luck, I cook something, she cooks something and we all eat together of whatever we like. 
  • It is good for my kids to have other kids like Maurice and Chip around too.  It is good for them to learn to get along with other kids.
  • Princess Magpie was sick yesterday.  Poor baby was so pathetic and listless.  You just wanted to kiss all her yuckiness away.
  • Another good thing, I am getting SO MUCH unpacking done!  I am unpacking things I haven't seen in years.  I need more shelves for some stuff now, but it is fun unpacking stuff.
  • It is funny to see Little Prince in his cloth diapers because he has such a tiny little bottom and when you put those on him, he looks like he has this giant bottom with tiny little legs coming out.

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