Aug 5, 2013

Monday Mumblings

So my sister-in-law, Mrs. Potts has been here for a few days now and it is going really well.  We have eaten together and gone out together and it has been fun to have someone to share a coffee with while her boys, Chip and Maurice run around with my kidlets.  I am getting a little behind on a few things in the house and so I am going to have to get back to some semblance of a routine, but I think part of that is just the kids being so excited to have their cousins here to play with. 

Afternoon BBQs and evenings on the deck together have been a lot of fun.

I think Princess Belle sometimes gets a little overwhelmed with the boyish way that her cousin teases her sometimes.  She isn't used to it, but she adjusts by taking some time to herself before coming back to enjoy the fun. 

Oh and I have NEWS!  On Friday, a certain adorable Little Prince has taken his first steps!  How cute was he, teetering off on his toes, nervous he was going to fall.

I am doing pretty well with my new eating plan.  It isn't hard to stick too and the food is yummy!

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