Aug 30, 2013

Messes, rearranging and other things

What is with my kids and their need to find new and interesting ways to keep me busy.  First of all the little Princesses got a hold of some crayons and while they were "napping" created murals on every one of their bedroom walls, the hallways, all the doors in the hallways and in their sister's new room.  CRAYON EVERYWHERE!!!!  Secondly, they seem to be fascinated with toothpaste.  Every time I got into the washroom, I find toothpaste in the oddest places, the walls, the toilet, the bathtub, the shelf.  I don't know what they are doing, but NOBODY is that messy at brushing their teeth! 

I have been working on the house and doing even more rearranging of rooms.  With Princess Belle having recently seeming to be thrust headlong into puberty, I felt like she couldn't really be expected to share a room with two little girls.  So, I moved her into the room formerly known as the classroom.  Then I moved to the basement and carved a corner out of it to be the classroom.  It is looking functional now and all the books are out and on a shelf and ready for school, but I have ideas to make it fabulous over time.  Notsosnowwhite came over to help out yesterday and it was fun to spend some time working together.

I am a little concerned about Little Prince and his milestones, so I made an appointment to get him checked out.  It stresses me out, but I do want to know if he is as behind on some things as I think he is. 

Princess Snifflefritz seems to be really insecure lately and spends all her time at my knees, trying to keep my attention at all times.  She seems to need lots and lots of love and attention and follows me all the time, keeping me withing arms reach at all times.  

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