Aug 5, 2013

Best Materials Used for Garden Furniture

Like all people, when you purchase new garden furniture, you want the best quality possible so that you will get the most value for your money. This will force you to make certain decisions regarding your furniture of choice, mostly concerning the material it is made out of. You have multiple choices available and, like all things, each one comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. However ,understanding what each one brings to the table (no pun intended) will help you decide what is the best furniture suited for your needs.

Wood has been the traditional choice when it comes to furniture since it has been in use for centuries. However, this is a very broad term as there are many different types of wood used for this purpose. Teak and cedar are among the best because they are both hardwoods which means that they can withstand the elements without getting damaged. Unlike softer woods, they will not absorb the rain and start rotting over time and they will not need the same amount of care and attention. They also make ideal choices if you want to decorate your garden using a classic theme, but their biggest drawback is the fact that this kind of furniture can be very expensive.

Another popular choice is wicker. Traditionally, wicker was made from woven wood fibers, but now it is also available from synthetic fibers. The synthetic version will be more durable when it comes to weather while the natural wicker will need an extra coat of sealant for protection. The good news is that wicker is very lightweight and easy to maintain which means that a range of different furniture pieces are made from it. You can find normal items such as chairs and tables to something a bit more unusual such as a gazebo or even just the gazebo replacement canopy. The bad news is that, like hardwood, wicker furniture can get a bit pricy and you need to be careful with it if you live in windy areas.

Last, but not least, we get to metal. Like with wood, there are several different kinds of metals used for furniture, but wrought iron is the most common and perhaps the most coveted. A lot of people like the design aspect of wrought iron, but it comes with other plusses, as well. For starters, it is incredible sturdy and durable and if you look after it properly it can remain in your family for generations. It can withstand weather elements such as rain and wind, but it does require occasional maintenance with a protective coating to shield it against rust. The drawbacks are that it is not particularly inexpensive, either, and it is also heavy and difficult to move around.

These are just examples of three quality materials used for garden furniture, but ultimately the choice is up to you. Head on over to and you will find a wide range of products from all kinds of materials so it is easier for you to pick your favorites

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