Aug 8, 2013

First haircut

My last baby had his first haircut yesterday.  Notsosnowwhite was there with us and it was really special. 

Here he is getting ready for his haircut.  He DID NOT like that cape!

We started out with him in a booster seat, but he felt insecure and cried!

I took him in my arms, hoping to calm him down a little bit

We gave him a toy car and that helped for a short while

But only a short while . . .

When I turned him around to face me, he calmed a for a little while

But only for a little while . . .

Finally it was over and he looked like a brand new boy . . .

His tears were over.  But, when I it struck me that this was my last first haircut, I shed a few of my own.  Every one of his firsts is a last for me.  I find it exciting and sad at the same time.  I am glad that Notsosnowwhite got to share it with me.

Here he is being rewarded with a snack afterwards, don't his eyes look HUGE with his new haircut??

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