Oct 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Plant questions and other Tuesday Talk

So how is Hurricane Sandy effecting all my blog friends out there?  Are you all safe and sound?  I am doing okay.  We are getting some wind and rain but nothing too scary.

I have a question about plants that I planted in pots outside.  I planted a non-edible plant with basil, chives, mint and broccoli down in the pot.  Now, that the weather is getting bad, I guess I have to bring them in.  I am trying to let the broccoli go to seed so that we can collect the seeds.  After it has gone to seed, will it keep growing, or will it die?  Will it grow broccoli again next year?  Will the chives and mint and basil be okay?  The basil is getting a bit poorly looking but the rest of it looks pretty good.  Should I pick some and dry it?  If I do pick and dry it, how do I cut it without killing it?

My girls have fun in my living room and while they make a mess of breakfast crumbs and toys and couch cushions but then I look at the chaos and see moments of pure creativity that makes  me smile.  I love their creativity and their imagination. 

I look forward to my lease being up.  I need to have a house that has room for everyone. I would love it if each of the kids could have their own bedroom. I would love it if there was a dining room or somewhere that I could turn into a classroom.  It is not working having Little Prince sleep in the living room.  And I really need a space that I can dedicate to homeschooling supplies.  I want in a neighbourhood that is safe, where the police don't have to do regular rounds every day, where the kids can play outside and be safe, where I can decorate my yard without having to worry about the kids in our neighbourhood destroying it what I put out there, where I can put clothes on the line without neighbourhood kids coming by and ripping it all down,  and let the kids play outside worrying about their safety, where there is enough room in the yard for the kids and a veggie garden and a swing set, sandbox and swimming pool, I really need more storage and I need all of that in a house that is affordable.


tigerfish said...

I am also thinking my basil plant that was left outside in the rain while I am away would not survive too. I will know soon.
Looks like it is really not planting season?

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Jori said...

I want to plant an herb garden! I wish I could answer some of your questions. I don't know. You have inspired me, to try doing some planing!

Julie said...

The kids in your neighborhood sound like brats! They must not get any discipline at all!


Twisted Cinderella said...

Sadly, Julie, your interpretation is all too true.